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Mike Woods

Title: Owner Managing Broker
Mobile: 317-450-0805

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Address: 4111 Wythe LN, Indianapolis, IN 46250

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I entered the residential real estate business in 1988 as a sales associate for a Century 21 office. Three months later I moved to a new franchise in Indianapolis - RE/MAX

After associating with RE/MAX for 10 years, I decided to open my own real estate company in the later part of 1998.

We have grown to one of the largest real estate companies in central Indiana in terms of the number of transactions according the the IBJ Book of Lists.

If you are thinking about a career in real estate, talk with us about the benefits of affiliation.
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Testimonials for Mike Woods

"Choosing a real estate agency to join was a daunting decision for me. From the moment you complete your education, recruiters from the big firms start calling. Some are even so bold as to ask you how many contacts you have that you can give them up front. Having been a real estate appraiser for a decade in the Indianapolis Area, I was heavily recruited by those who I have had relationships with over the years including the largest brokerage in the Indianapolis Metro as well as one of the top ranked broker-agents in the entire nation. I have appraised home sales for nearly every real estate broker in the Indianapolis-Carmel area. I can't quantify what it is exactly about msWoods that I have always admired more than the others but I always knew that I would place my license with them if I ever decided to sell homes. Perhaps it is Mike's entrepreneurial spirit and seemingly endless passion for making a better cutting edge company? As a financial analyst, I can tell you that msWoods absolutely has the best commission splits in the business. But more importantly for me, I started my first sign business when I was 11, worked in Indy Car marketing, and pioneered internet marketing techniques before we even figured out how to make money from the internet. Creative freedom and the ability to co-brand were paramount for me when I selected a broker. Very few brokers give you the freedom to develop your own business. While the big firms wanted me for my personal and appraisal contacts, msWoods was open to my creativity and has never once tried to sell me anything or asked me to sell to my family and friends. Leads, leads, leads. If you are new to real estate sales like I am and need broker provided leads, the quantity of ready, willing, and able leads msWoods can give you is actually overwhelming- the opportunities from their company provided leads is second to none- if I only had more time aside from my appraisal business or another employee to capitalize on them I would be very wealthy from selling real estate. Please feel free to contact me anytime for further discussion." — Brett Martin

"I am proud to be an agent with msWoods Real Estate. I have worked with another "national" Broker in the past but have been extremely pleased with the support, personal attention, availability and my experience working with Mike Woods. He is interested in making sure each and every Buyer and Seller we represent receives the best customer service in the central Indiana area and offers support to all of his agents and clients to ensure a positive experience and smooth transaction. Mike works hard continually developing the msWoods website to make it the most visited real estate website in our area due to its ease of use and wealth of local market information." — Michele Flynn Schulhof

"I recently became a member of msWoods. I have been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism of Mike Woods and Company. The primary objective for msWoods and their agents is to deliver world class service to their clients; buyers or sellers. As principal broker, Mike Woods, is always available to help with even the smallest of concerns or questions. I am confident that my clients have the best of the best working for them!" — Lora Vivas

"Mike Woods is a broker/owner that cares and helps his agents to become the best agent." — Lisa Cotton

I have worked for a couple of different real estate companies in the past. Mike Woods is by far the most encouraging and helpful managing broker. He has been a great coach in helping me build my business forward. I highly recommend him, and his company, msWoods LLC, for any agent looking to advance their business. — Sherri Swartz

Mike Woods is at the top of his field in technology and by far will exceed any Realtors expectations in Lead Generation. He works hard to generate Quality buyer and Seller leads for his Agents. I can't imagine working for another Brokerage that would give so much in outstanding service and attention to detail. Working with Mike has been a great experience. Any Agents wanting Great leads and great support should honestly take a strong look at msWoods Real Estate, LLC you won't be disappointed but you might be amazed and delighted. — Shannon M Thomas

Mike Woods is always on the cutting edge of real estate technology. He is driven to ensure that his company and his agents are always at the forefront of the real estate field armed with all the tools to help buyers and sellers get the most for the dollar. When you list with msWoods, your home gets more exposure thanks to Mike's hard work and dedication. He also offers many different commission programs to fit the needs of all of his real estate agents - there really is no other brokerage out there like his. — Nicole Spears

Mike is always thinking of ways to improve his agents exposure on the internet to increase their opportunities in acquiring business. He is very knowledgeable and always willing to help his agents.Be sure to check out msWoods Real Estate, LLC. before making a final choice of an agency. Just Google Indy Real Estate to find out more. — David Bryant

Mike is a great resource and extremely knowledgable. — Robert Haynes

Mike Woods is an intellectually driven man who has taken his co. from day one with one agent to 50 agents strong and growing. He offers many different commission programs to fit the needs of his agents. No matter what season of life you are in there is a great commission plan for you. He is focused on learning new ways to make his company and all his agents more successful. His interest in his agents success makes him a great broker to work for. — Amy Johnson

Though I decided not to move in the end, msWoods Realty took care me through the entire decision process. I saw the most beautiful homes and learned about Indianapolis culture. I was able to reach my agent when I needed to, and he responded quickly to my questions and concerns. And while I didn't buy a house, I felt confident that if I had, my agent would have gone to bat for me. If I do make the move to Indy, I will be sure to use msWoods Realty again — User 246668

Mike, I am planning on purchasing a property in 2013. I really like your website. I will continue to look and once I find something that peaks my interest, I will contact you. Again, great website! — Trever Powers

"Mike Woods is a technology Zealot with a keen understanding of what consumers want and need in today's fast-paced Real-Estate market. He's absolutely fastidious in his pursuit of the most cutting-edge, easy-to-use, online Real-Estate applications ... both public-facing and in-house. Mike has designed some of the most innovative online tools to help his agents and staff be as efficient and successful as possible. And his consumer search tools far surpass those of the so-called *BIG* national real-estate companies. I wish we had a Broker like Mike in New York. I'd buy a new house tomorrow!" — Bob Langdon/Application Developer

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